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New Designers is FANTASTIC! Not only was is it a chance to show my  own work, it was great to see lots of the other interesting projects and a range of work that is coming out of Universities and Art Schools from across the whole of the UK, but you do it in London which I have found to be one of the most inspiring places that I have ever been.  

The exhibition space it self took a whole team effort to build which was shipped straight from our mock up space in Dundee and with the guidance, wisdom and patience of Sean Kingsley the show finally came to together just before the closure  of the Business Design Centre on Tuesday evening.

The exhibition was very similar to the format to that used for the University of Dundee degree show with some notable changes.  With fewer students exhibiting, there was the opportunity to create one central table for all of the smaller projects, and still have the larger works around the perimeter of the space. Another change was to the format and of the wall mounted cabinets that show the progression of the works through the year which came out looking fantastic thanks to Nicola Hume and Andrew Pairman.
The show itself was a real eye opener, it was great to meet and a chat with a whole variety of interesting people from many different backgrounds and disciplines.  I tried to make myself available to talk to as many people as I could, which allowed for myself to meet some interesting people and make some valuable contacts. 

The Wednesday evening of the show was the invite only awards ceremony, which featured our very own Nikki Ferguson (pictured above far left). Who won the Virgin Atlantic Customer Experience award for her Heirloom Project.

There was a buzz about the Wednesday evening I couldn't work out if it was a relief and excitement of final being in London for the start of the New Designers or the trays of drinks floating around. I would have to go with a mixture of the two. 

From the Thursday through to the Saturday the show was open to the public, which provided many opportunities to meet lots of interested and interesting people.  The show does attract alot of people from industry which does present some fantastic opportunities to make some contacts. 

Overall the show has been a great experience, profitable in the sense I have come away with many possible leads to chase up and as well as a New Designers Associates Award from Designers Block.